TSSPDCL, Habsiguda Circle comprising of 3Nos. Operation Divisions, 8 Nos.Operation Sub Divisions, 26Nos.Operation sections covering 7 Mandals in Medchal-Malkajgiri District.

  • Sub-stations
  • 33/11 KV- 55 Nos.
  • 132/33 KV- 1 No.
  • 220/132 KV- 3 Nos.
  • Infrastructure
  • 33 KV Feeders- 48.
  • 11 KV Feeders- 336.
  • Power Transformers- 114 Nos.
  • Distribution Transformers- 11788 Nos.
  • Electricity Consumers
  • Domestic- 681169 Nos.
  • Industrial- 5961 Nos.
  • Agriculture- 6885 Nos.
  • Others- 91335 Nos.

      Total– 785350

Progress of Habsiguda Circle in Medchal Malkajgiri District:

Palle Pragathi Programme Phase-IV:

The Palle Pragathi Phase-IV works are being carried out in Habsiguda Circle, TSSPDCL with an estimated cost of Rs.1.Cr and the works are completed.

Pattana Pragathi Programme Phase-III:

The Pattana Pragathi Phase-III works in the newly formed 7 Municipalities of Habsiguda Circle with an estimated cost of Rs.3.45Crs and the works are completed.

33/11 KV Sub-stations: (Under T&D Improvement Schemes) :

            The new 33/11KV Sub-station at Kondapur(V) in Ghatkesar Mandal is work under progress with an estimated cost of Rs.4.45Crs.

Erection of 11KV Line: (Under T&D Improvement and Capital):

105KM of 11KV lines are erected to reduce the overload, for better voltage and service to

the consumers with an amount of Rs. 3.86Crs

Erection of Distribution Transformers and Enhancement of Distribution Transformers Capacity: (Under T&D Improvement & Capital)

 370Nos. new Distribution Transformers and  enhancement of capacity of existing

Distribution Transformers erected with a cost of Rs.10.63Crs

Release of Agricultural and Other Services:

316Nos of Agricultural Services were released with a cost of Rs.221.2Lakhs and 89155

 Nos. other new services released like Domestic, Commercial and Industrial etc.

Erection of LT Line:

102.5KM of LT lines are erected to reduce the overload, for better voltage and service to the consumers with an amount of Rs.3.05Crs.

 Rectification of 11 KV lines, LT lines & DTR’s:

Rectification work is carried out for 75Nos.11 KV feeder lines and 450Nos. Distribution


Disaster Management :

  In Medchal Malkajgiri District Disaster Management Committees were constituted at Circle Levels with SE/Operation as Co-ordinator, DE/Technical as Nodal Officer and DE/Construction, DE/MRT & DE/DPE as Members to mitigate the problems arise during natural calamities like gale & wind, heavy rains, cyclones for immediate rectification of damages and quick restoration of power supply . Three supporting teams each with 1No. Contractor, vehicle, T&P and required skilled labour will be on the job round the clock and control room is provided in the Circle Office. 24Hrs Un-interrupted power supply being extended to all categories of consumers.