District Treasury acts as the receiver and disburser of the State Government funds. It also renders monthly accounts to the Accountant General to prepare State Government’s account on monthly and annual basis. Treasuries, being nodal point of the financial transactions of State Government, play a vital role in Financial Management of the State Government. The Treasuries are primarily responsible for preparation and correctness of initial and subsidiary accounts as well as ensuring regularity of financial transactions in accordance with applicable codes, manual and administrative procedures relating to such accounts and transactions.

Under the administration control of the District Treasury Office, Medchal-Malkajgiri District.  

  1. Following Treasuries are working:
  • District Treasury office @ Keesara
  • Divisional Sub Treasury Office, Medchal
  • Sub Treasury Office, Medipally
  • Sub Treasury Office, Kukatpally
  1. It is submitted that the following are the main functions of the District Treasuries:
  • Receives and disburses State Government Funds
  • Pre-audit of Financial Transactions
  • Disburses Pensions to 2279 pensioners every month
  • Processing of salaries to 10,694 employees every month
  • Maintenance of 100 PD accounts
  • Nodal officer for 4727 CPS subscribers
  • Maintenance of 251 Class IV GPF subscribers accounts
  • Facilitating payment viz: Scholarships, Kalyan Laxmi, Shaadi Mubarak etc.
  • Rendering classified monthly accounts to the AG, Hyderabad.

Inspections of the AG TS, Hyderabad:- The AG, TS, Hyderabad has conducted inspections on the records of the District Treasury Office and its sub treasuries of this district for the years 2016-17, 2017-18, 2018-19, 2019-20 and communicated the inspection reports, which contained (35) paras. Replies to all such paras have been submitted to them, out of total paras, (34) paras were dropped and only (1) paras is pending now, which pendency is the least among the DTOs of department in the state.

T App Folio (App): The Government has introduced the T App Folio during this year 2019-2020 for submission of pensioner’s life certificate through online instead of manual submission to the treasury, which benefited to the pensioners avoiding the physical presence along with life certificate before the treasury. As per the norms the Government orders, pensioners should submit the life certificates every year in between the months November to March. During this year, we have been organizing as per the above Government objective to submit the life certificate through T App Folio (online). Accordingly, out of 2279 total pensions of this district, registration process through T App Folio for submission of the life certificates by the pensioners is being done. Submission of the life certificate process through online may be allowed up to March 2022.  

E-kuber portal (software package):-E-kuber is the Core Banking Solution (CBS) of the Reserve Bank of India. RBI will now pay the role of Agency Banks for disbursement of amounts to beneficiary accounts. The electronic payment through e-kuber is based on the principle of straight Through Processing (STP). It settles the funds through National Electronic Fund Transfer (NEFT) mode. Hence, the State Government have decided to introduce electronic payment by direct credit to the bank account of the payees in order to overcome the shortcomings of the existing system viz.

  • Delay in transmission of fund to the payee’s account
  • Parking of funds in DDO’s Current Account and CIND Accounts beyond the permissible period.
  • Difficulty in monitoring of the cash balance with DDOs and CINB Accounts
  • Risk of vouchers being missed in course of physical transmission of bills/cheques to the Treasury Linked Banks
  • Delay in receipt of physical scroll from the Banks as well as vouchers for accounting
  • Delay in scroll revending
  • Reconciliation issues

After E-Kuber system introduced in the month of February 2019, in our district, we have been successfully crediting the salaries to 10,694 employees and pensions to 2279 pensioners for every month achieving the Government objective.

PD Accounts of the local bodies in this District.

Local Bodies


Gram Panchayat




Municipal Corporations










Zilla Grandalaya Smastha














Procedure for maintenance of such PD Accounts:

  • Each local body should maintain a PD account at the nearest treasury.
  • All the receipts of such local bodies should be deposited in the treasury.
  • The administrators of local bodies should draw the moneys through cheques only.