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Sri Ramalingeswara Swamy Temple,(Kesaragiri Kshetram) at Keesaragutta, is very ancient and historical temple in Telangana State. It is situated at Keesara (V & M) Medchal Malkajgiri Dist. It is very small distance about 35 km. from Telangana Capital city of Hyderabad. The temple is believed to have existed from THRETHAYUGA. The traditional literature says that LORD RAMACHANDRA visited this place after killing RAVANA and desire to install 101 shivalingams at this sacred place and accordingly directed.
SRI BHAKTA HANUMAN to bring 101 Shivalingams from Varanasi. SRI HANUMAN could not return from Varanasi before the muhurtham, than LORD SHIVA said to have appeared before SRI RAMACHANDRA and gave him a self manifested Shivalingam for installation at the particular place at the particular auspicious moment. SRI BHAKTA HANUMAN returned with 101 Shivalingams from Varanasi just after the ausipicious moments and got disappointed on observing the installation of self manifested Shivalingam and throw out 101 Shivalingams brought by him from Varanasi, in frustration. Kesarigiri in course of time has become “Keesara Gutta”. Since the Shivalingam in the temple was said to be Swayambhu Swamy, hence, itwas named after Sri Ramalingeshwara Swamy Devasthanam.



Shamirpet Lake:

Shamirpet Lake also known as ‘Pedda Cheruvu’ is one of the well-designed tourist spots in Hyderabad. Situated about 27 km from Secunderabad, this beautiful artificial lake is the perfect personification of serenity and tranquillity. What’s more, Shamirpet Lake is located near to ‘Jawahar Deer Park’, which adds to the area’s magnificence. One can always find a herd of deer quenching their thirst on the banks of the lake, which is a very fascinating sight. The area around the lake is covered in a large expanse of greenery and one will be able to spot several types of plants and trees here. Special attention has been paid to renovate the area and for this reason, forest cottages have been mounted near the lake for the convenience of tourists. One of the major activities held at the lakes is boating, which is a perfect way to explore the natural splendour of the lake. This is an amazing destination for photographers and bird-watchers. Shamirpet Lake

Shamirpet Lake is much more than any other lake you would have viewed in India. It is a unique blend of a water reserve and a deer park and therefore attracts people from all over the world. The lake that we see today was actually dug about 50 years ago by a ‘Jagirdar’ of the same area. Within the premises of the lake, 12 cottages are built and much to the delight of the people, a restaurant is also established. Apart from the cool breeze, the thick span of trees provides shade for the people who visit the park, making this lake a gorgeous and the most ideal picnic spot.

Shamirpet Lake is a popular spot for many photographers who spend their time taking pictures of deers and other natural surroundings. The lake attracts a variety of birds, so if you are fond of bird-watching, Shamirpet Lake might give you an opportunity to sight some of the most exotic species of birds. Explore or enjoy a picnic with family or friends at the rocky terrain beside the lake.

You can visit Shamirpet Lake any time of the year but the best time to visit this lake is during the months of October and March, post-monsoon season. The lake is open to public at all times. If you are seeking solace, then Shamirpet Lake is the right place for you. The scenic beauty of this lake and its green surroundings make this an ideal place for relaxing with friends and family amid the lush surroundings. The deer park beside the lake is one of the major attractions of this place. Local people come here to enjoy the freshness and to spend a wonderful day with their family members.