Nizampet Municipal Corporation

Nizampet is a city and a municipal corporation situated in Bachupally mandal, Medchal-Malkajgiri district of Telangana, India. It is administered as Nizampet Municipal Corporation
Nizampet lies to the northwestern end of Hyderabad City. It is one of the fastest-growing suburbs around the IT corridor of Hyderabad, because of its affordability and relatively pollution-free environment and despite its water scarcity. In 2018, the government provided municipal water to the area which caused prices to rise. There is no greenery. There are no parks. Builders are constructing new illegal apartments and no action is being taken against them. Pragati nagar is the best when compared with greenery and parks.
This place is surrounded by several giant constructions including over 20,000 flats and few villas. There are many colonies in this place where houses and flats are built independently. Because of the silent and upcoming townships, Nizampet is becoming a very popular place for living.
The proposed Outer Ring Road of Hyderabad will be near Nizampet village.

Commercial area
Nizampet is close to JNTU Metro rail, Kukatpally, Bachupally and Miyapur, which are hubs for all the shops and big commercial establishments with Metro rail connectivity. There are plenty of shops and supermarkets. The area is just a 2 km away from the shopping suburb of Nizampet Village
Nizampet Road has plenty of hospitals: SLG(Bachupally-Rajivgandhi Nagar), Sri Sri Holistic Hospitals, Metro Hospital, a multiple-specialty hospital is situated in the centre of the village and the major Apollo have started clinics in the road along. There are two Apollo clinics in the Nizampet Road at 1 km, 3 km from the start, respectively. And Nest Children Hospital near Hanuman Temple. Well known pharmacy retailer Medplus started near Hanuman Temple. Akruti Institute of Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery which is hardly 4 km from the main centre and is known for world-class cosmetic surgery facilities in Hyderabad, India.
Nizampet and Nizampet Village are considered to be a commercial hubs. There are many food and clothing shops near Hanuman Temple (Nizampet Village Bus Stop).
Nizampet Municipal Corporation colonies
Hi Rise Homes Phase II is the most beautiful and popular gated community in the village with more than 60 villas. It is near popular temples and a beautiful lake.
Brindhavan Estates, is one of the oldest duplex housing societies in Hyderabad, located on the way to Nizampet, approximately 0.5 km from the main Junction And Balaji Park Town Which is located near the Hanuman temple is a duplex community with more than fifty houses and four buildings.
There is also a colony called Jaya-bharath Nagar, which has a few houses and many apartments. It is located at the first right of entering the Nizampet road and is quiet. Esswar Villas has over 150 duplex villas in the village. Vertex Lake View Villas is a duplex-house gated community beside Esswar Villas.
Parvathi Villas is a duplex and triplex house gated community which is located at the heart of Nizampet. It has abundant water resources, including Godavari water.
The Srinivasa Housing Society is the nearest colony to the Nizampet center, has a municipal water facility and a nearby park, and is opposite Hanuman Park.
Brindavan Colony, Narayana Reddy Huda Colony, Tirumala Nagar, Kolan Tulasi Reddy (KTR) Colony, Balaji Hills, Srinivasa Nagar Colony, and Prashanti Hills are fast-growing colonies of Nizampet, Quthbullapur Mandal, Medchal district. At present in KTR Colony there are about 60 apartments and some other apartments are under construction. Recently Sri Vinayaka Nagar colony is established on 6 February 2013.
Vazhraa Nirmaan’s Pushpak is a premium two and three-bedroom luxury apartment complex in Madhura Nagar locality where many apartments are under construction.
A premium gated community of 399 flats is being constructed on Blooming Dale Road.
Nizampet is connected by TSRTC which runs Bus 231M (which runs every hour like 3.15 PM, 4.15 PM) that connects to Secunderabad and some others to Hyderabad. 10N runs from Sec’bad station to Nizampet Village and Nizampet Junction to Bachupally. The 287N connects Koti and Nizampet. The closest two Hyderabad Multi-Modal Transport System stations are at the Hitech City Railway Station in Kukatpally Housing Board and the Hafeezpet Station. A proposed metro terminal and Intercity bus terminus at Bachupally are in proximity of Nizampet. The 195 route runs every 30 min from Bachupally-Waverock, Manikonda via Nizampet Village, JNTU, Hitech City, Infosys, wipro, DLF connects most of the IT corridor.
Shared autos are accessible all the time which connects Nizampet—Nizampet Village—Bachupally from morning 4:00 AM till 10:30 PM. There are too many autos and no roads but still it is called “Second Banjara Hills
All roads are flooded in the rainy season.
The schools around Nizampet and Bachupally include:
Lilliputs Pre School & Samskruti Vidyalaya
Laurus – The School of excellence(XSEED curriculum and CBSE) (beside Nizampet bus stop)
Sanghamitra (CBSE)
Creek Planet School (CBSE, Bachupally)
ATRI Public School (CBSE), Nizampet Road, Kukatpally, Hyderabad
Kennedy High, the global school (Bachupally) (CBSE)
SR Digi school
Vignan (Bachupally) (CBSE)
Rajadhani Residential school (Nizampet) (CBSE)
Honey Tots PreSchool ([Hi-Tension Lane, beside Bank of Maharashtra, Nizampet Road])
Kidzee Pre school
Crayons Creative School on Bloomingdale road.
Ravindra Bharathi School(i-v: CBSE, VI-X: STATE)
Silver Oaks – The School of Hyderabad (Bachupally) (CBSE)
Geetanjali Olympiad (Bachupally)
Narayana E-Techno School
For 10+2 education institutes like Sri Chaitanya, Vignan, and NRI college are near Nizampet.
Higher Education
Nizampet is well surrounded by higher educational institutes. Some of the nearby higher educational institutes include:
Degree/PG colleges: Rishi UBR, MNR, Shantiniketan, Vignan (Bachupally).
Engineering colleges: JNTUH, Gokaraju Rangaraju Institute of Engineering and Technology, VNR Vignana Jyothi Institute of Engineering and Technology,BVRITH.
Pharmacy colleges: Gokaraju Rangaraju College of Pharmacy (Bachupally)
Management institutes: JNTUH, Rishi UBR.

Sl.No Income Head Actual Income for the F.Y. 2018-19  Budget Estimations for the F.Y . 2019-20 Actual  Income as on 31-01-2020 Revised  Budget Estimations  for the F. Y. 2019-20  Budget Estimations for the F. Y.2020-21
Municipal own Revenue
  A. Tax Resources          
1 Taxes 1798 3372 1827.69 3346.74 4035
2 Assigned Revenues 1000 3000 600 1000 1800
  Total (1+2) 2798 6372 2427.69 4346.74 5835
   B. Non Taxes Resources          
1 Rental income 1 55 0 55 792
2 Public health/Sanitation section receipts 46.7 214 10.8 214 314
3 Town Planning section receipts 623.15 1515 441.64 1515 1232
4 Engineering Section 515.13 643 0 643 532
  Total (1+2+3+4) 1185.98 2427 452.44 2427 2870
  Grand Total (A+B) 3983.98 8799 2880.13 6773.74 8705
  C. Deposits and Loans 0 97.78 2.5 5 40
 Capital project Funds
  i. Non Plan Grants 0 2000 0 2000 240
  ii. Plan Grants 0 1250 0 1250 824
  iii.Other Grants 0 800 19.8 800 0
  Total (i+ii+iii) 0 4050 19.8 4050 1064
  Grand Total (MGF and CPF) 3983.98 12849 2899.93 10823.74 9769
Sl.No Expenditure Head Actual Expenditure for the F. Y. 2018-19  Budget Estimations  for the F. Y. 2019-20 Actual  Expenditure as on 31-01-2020 Revised  Budget Estimations for the F. Y.  2019-20  Budget Estimations for the F. Y.  2020-21
I.Municipal Revenue – Charges / Maintenance Expenditure
A. Charged Expenditure           
1 Wages and Salaries 710.11 1125.00 488.44 1112.00 1275.00
2 Sanitation Maintenance Expenditure 78.91 172.00 75.75 219.00 632.30
3 Power Charges 89.48 325.00 90.50 325.00 405.00
4 Loan repayments 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 1317.00
5 Green Budget Expenditure (10%) 0.00 0.00 3.82 4.00 894.50
  Total (1+2+3+4+5) 878.50 1622.00 658.51 1660.00 4523.80
 B. Other Maintenance Expenditure          
1 Engineering Section Maintenance Expenditure 686.70 1250.00 295.46 1282.25 1390.00
2 General Administration Expenditure 1.56 140.40 75.40 169.31 261.00
3 Town Planning Section Expenditure 0.00 52.00 0.00 52.00 151.00
  Total (1+2+3+4) 688.26 1442.40 370.86 1503.56 1802.00
II.Municipal Revenue – Capital Expenditure 
C. 1/3rd Balance Budget Expenditure 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 793.07
D. Public amenities Expenditure  0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 950.00
E. Ward Wise Work Expenditure 1104.73 3168.00 160.66 0.00 1115.00
  Total (C+D+E) 1104.73 3168.00 160.66 0.00 2858.07
  Grand Total (MGF – Charged, Maintenance & Capital) 2671.49 6232.40 1190.03 3163.56 9183.87
III.Deposits and Loans
F. Deposits and Loans 0.00 97.78 0.00 0.00 40.00
  Total  0.00 97.78 0.00 0.00 40.00
IV. Capital project Funds
  i. Non Plan Grants 0.00 0.00 0.00 2000.00 240.00
  ii. Plan Grants 0.00 0.00 0.00 1250.00 824.00
  iii.Other Grants 0.00 0.00 0.00 800.00 0.00
  Total (i+ii+iii) 0.00 0.00 0.00 4050.00 1064.00
  Grand Total (I+II+III+IV) 2671.49 6232.40 1190.03 7213.56 10247.87